my offerings

Natal Chart Offering (1 hr+) $75-125

    A conversation about and introduction to your birth chart, including but not limited to planets in signs and houses, aspects, lunar phase, nodes

Tarot Reading (30 mins) $25-50

    Ask anything you desire for 30 minutes!

Year-Ahead Reading (45mins - 1 hour) $75-125

    A conversation and introduction to transits, progressions, and annual profections for the next year, as well as incorporating your solar return chart! Best on its own if you have an active understanding of your chart or if we have worked together before!

Combination of the above: $150-200

Gift Certificates (upon request)

I am also open to trades in the form of the following:
    video editing
    music mixing/mastering
    professional photography
    PR help and all things self-promo
    website help
    access to a class, or knowledge sharing in general

steps to book

You can book an appointment directly by clicking "book a reading" below.

light purple button that says book a reading

Upon filling out the intake form and setting a time, I will require a payment to venmo @emiliawang or paypal ( to confirm the appointment. For an astrology reading, I will require a precise birth time.
If the link does not work, please email or direct message me on Instagram @emiliawwang and I will send you an intake form within 24 hours.

🌟 high praise 🌟

"Emilia is an amazing and magical human being!! It's hard for me to feel comfortable in readings, but I felt so relaxed and understood during the session - which is so important! That just goes to show how awesome she is because the session had a very loving and open kind of energy. She explained everything so thoroughly and was ON POINT with a lot of things that were happening in my life. I also liked how there was space for me to respond/give feedback to what Emilia was saying in the reading, and ask any questions that came up. She has an amazing ability to poetically describe what is happening in the stars in connection with you and I left the reading confident and assured in myself - even if I still had some things to figure out in my life. Please don't hesitate and book yourself a reading with Emilia..stat! -- Lina Chang

Emilia is an extremely informative, thoughtful and well-versed astrologer. Her reading provided me not only with the knowledge to better understand and read my own chart, but also provided me with a deeper context to my role in the revolutionary present/future. Her reading was both affirming and insightful, shining a clarifying light on aspects of myself I once found "challenging". Her approach is welcoming, conversational, and overall extremely friendly. I have absolutely no complaints! -- Gabrielle Rucker

Emilia is such a kind and patient tarot reader. I felt really held and heard by her presence deeply in ways I wasn't expecting to feel during my reading. I'm still re-listening to our session and discovering new points she touched upon. I highly recommend getting in touch with Emilia at any point in your journey! -- ritu ghiya

Emilia's insights were so expansive and illuminating. So much resonated with me, and she was particularly kind and patient when I asked clarifying questions. I left with a sense of calm and curiosity toward my present and future. I would highly recommend booking with Emilia, and I'm looking forward to our next reading! -- Karen Hui

You are wonderful!! Your reading was spot on and helped me affirm a lot of what I kinda knew but was slightly scared to accept. There was plenty of surprises in there too that made complete sense as soon as you said them! You definitely explained the technical aspects very well too. It truly was amazing. -- Lydia Kurtz