looking into spotless rain was a show I did with Cici Wu and Dachal Choi
In this show I was thinking about neighbors, access and exclusion, the sharing of resources, and where I end and you begin
I also did a performance as lima rei at the closing reception

image of

Untitled (multidirectional scam) with Key Cluster #1, 2018
key locker, various keys, bike patch kit, charcoal and pen on wax paper, zhezhi cat sculpture

Key Cluster #2 (from Orianna), 2018
bells, string, keys, key cylinder

Boundary Formation, 2018
watercolor, color pencil, pen on paper, 22 x 28 inches

At the edge of time, 2018
watercolor, pencil, charcoal, oil on paper, 46 x 34 inches

Hallway Song, 2018
NuTone doorbell, audio

lima Rei performance, 2019 at Assembly Room